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Congratulations to K.B. in Seattle, 

Washington, the proud owner of

one of our precious girls, Gracie! 

ALL WCH Puppies have a 2-Year Health Guarantee.

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Welcome to West Coast Havanese (WCH)!  As Havanese breeders, we pride ourselves on raising friendly, healthy, and happy Havanese puppies! They bring endless joy and tons of laughter to our family!

All WCH dams and sires are fully registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).   Your new Havanese puppy is eligible for AKC registration.

We're located in West Linn, Oregon near Portland. We welcome your visit to our happy and fun home!



Congratulations to Shar in  Gresham, OR, the proud owner of our spunky girl, Abby! 



A woofy high-five to Drew in Portland, OR.  The new happy owner of Melvin Biggs!  Woo-hoo!

Congratulations to Cass in Portland, 

Oregon, our latest proud owner of

one of our adorable boys, Steve! 

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